Scoring system

This is our scoring system:

Regular match Points
Total score correct 10
Draw correct 7
Winner correct 5
Number of goals home team correct 2
Number of goals away team correct 2
Maximum number of points: 10
The sole member that did a correct prediction (of all members, not only in your own pool) 20
(+10 extra)
Match of the day Points
Total score correct (including scorers) 20
Total score correct 12
First scorer correct 4 (2x)
Winner correct 6
Draw correct 8
Number of goals home team correct 2
Number of goals away team correct 2
Maximum number of points: 20
The sole member that did a correct prediction (of all members, not only in your own pool) 30
(+10 extra)
Tournament Points
Final ranking correct (Group stage) 5
8th Finalist correct 3
Quarter Finalist correct 10 (8x)
Semi-Finalist correct 10 (4x)
Team in match for 3rd place correct 10 (2x)
Finalist correct 15 (2x)
Champion correct 30
3rd placed team correct 15
Topscorer correct 30

Penalty for minute-predictions

When members are on an equal amount of points, the penalty for the minute-predictions is taken into account. This penalty doesn't influence the points you've earned, it only influences your position in the ranking if you and some other member(s) have an equal amount of points.
For each minute that you're off, you receive a penalty point. You need to predict the minute of the first yellow card and first red card given in the tournament, as well as the minute the first goal of the tournament will be scored.
The penalties for these predictions are added up, and for members with an equal amount points, the one with the smallest total penalty amount will be ranked highest.

Event Prediction Actual Penalty
Yellow card 30th minute 56th minute 56-30 = 26
Red card 700th minute 403rd minute 700-403 = 297
1st goal 56th minute 68th minute 68-56 = 12
Total penalty 335

If you don't predict anything here, you will receive the maximum penalty for each missing prediction, which is 10,000 points. To determine the number of minutes your prediction is off, we consider each half of a match takes 45 minutes. In case the first card is given or the first goal is scored in added time, the last minute of that half (either 45th or 90th minute) will be used.


  • Tournament can be filled in via menu 'Tournament'. Be aware that there is a hard deadline for these additional predictions. This deadline is indicated at the top of the additional predictions. When this deadline has passed, it will not be possible anymore to fill in or change your predictions.
  • Based on this scoring system, every member earns points for his/her predictions. The total score determines the member's position in the individual ranking and in the ranking of the pools the member is playing in..
    Rankings are updated after every match.
  • The final score is the score after 90 minutes (including added time). The extra time is not taken into account.
  • Matches that are suspended and get assigned a regulatory final score: no points awarded.
  • Finished matches that get assigned a regulatory final score afterwards: points awarded based on the original score.
  • Suspended matches that will be finished at a later moment: points awarded (in the week the match has actually been finished).
  • An own goal is also counted as a first goal. This can also be predicted. If you think a team doesn't score, you have to fill in 'No score'. If you don't select a player, it means you won't receive any points!
  • The points for Tournament are awarded after all matches are played in a round. In case of the additioinal predictions the points are awarded at the end of the competition.
  • Points awarded with Tournament are counted in the individual ranking, but not in a specific round- or week ranking.
  • In case of multiple topscorers, you receive the full amount of points if you predicted any of the topscorers (even if FIFA or UEFA chooses only one in case of the same number of goals).